Why is Folic Acid Important for Pregnancy?

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By June this year, my husband and I will already be married to each other for 3 years. We are in our 8 months pregnancy, baby will come out anytime soon and we are so thrilled about it! What is the baby’s gender? It’s a surprise, we don’t even know ourselves! Tho we kinda only came out with a boy’s name and not really a girl’s name. Guessed if the baby turns out to be a girl, we’d have to brainstorm names asap then! Hahahaha. Or please suggest below if you have any name suggestions 😀

We conceived the baby in August last year and before that, I was an avid smoothie-bowl eater. I actually wanted to become more of a vegetarian but somehow my healthy-eating diet started with the zeal of eating smoothie-bowls (SB). So, for the full month of July, I prepped and ate SB every other morning (if not every morning) in which the ingredients include foods such as yogurt + milk (source of calcium for our bone’s strength and our baby’s bone development), avocados, seeds & nuts (such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios), mangoes, grapes, bananas and oranges. Little that I know that all these ingredients are rich in folic acid (FA) which is a nutrient that is very important for our body pre, during and post- pregnancy.

I usually pour in two spoonfuls of Chia seeds in my SB which is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6. These are fatty acids that our body cannot produce and we have to consume it from outside source. Both of these fatty acids are essential for the development of the baby’s brain (also our brains). I also poured in the #superfood coconut oil – the second best source of lauric acid after breast milk which is essential in enhancing ours and our baby’s immune system. And, instead of using Bio-Oil or Shea Butter, I use coconut oil (because it is usually sold as pure oil, which means that the moisture content is higher to compare to other products which might have been mixed with other chemical properties that might have reduced the moisturising effects of the oil) to prevent stretch marks on my tummy by massaging my tummy and the baby every night before sleeping. In our 8 months plus now, I haven’t developed any stretchmarks #grateful. But of course, I’d say that the result wont be the same on everyone but its worth a try!

And because SB is so full of essential nutrients; it makes a great, filling and hearty breakfast. I usually take my SB at 8 am every morning and I wouldn’t feel hungry at least until 2 pm for lunch. A great, great way to reduce eating and reduce the size of your stomach which in the longer run, you wouldn’t want to eat that much anymore because your stomach size has been reduced! You do know that our stomach is elastic right? Its size depends on how much we eat. So if you’d like to lose weight, try eating less to make your stomach smaller.

So anyway, why is it that Folic Acid is so important for pre and post-pregnancy?

To make things clearer and easier to understand, I’ve drawn a picture of why FA is so important.


spinal cord

(Excuse my drawing and notes if its a bit everywhere)

Because, FA helps develops our baby’s brain and spinal cord! If that’s not important enough, I don’t know what is. It is practically LIFE! Without brain to gather and interpret information and without spinal cord as the highway for the brain to communicate and send information to carry out bodily functions, how are our babies supposed to live life normally?

That kind of summarises everything to why FA is sooooo important in the development of a new human being.

Thus, make sure to get your daily dose of FA at least 1 month before starting to conceive to prepare your body to provide a blissful and healthy sanctuary for the baby inside your womb.

Psst: I’m not really a fan of eating tablets though. I’d usually take my food in its most natural form. So like, a tablet doesn’t look like an avocado right? Nah, didn’t think so. So yeh, I’ll take fresh whole avocados and blend it into smooth creamy smoothie base. Now, here’s the recipe of my smoothie bowls that I used to make.

Take pictures of your SB and share your recipes here with me too :*

Stay awesome!

Mus ❤


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