How to Naturally Prepare Your Body to Get Pregnant (Nutrition Wise)

watermelon heart

I spoke about the importance of Folic Acid (FA) in prepping our body to conceive a baby in my last post. And here are my daily doses of FA in its most natural form which I consumed for a month before we (accidentally!) conceived. Of course, we put efforts to get pregnant but it is all up to Him too. Then again, there’s always something powerful in trying to better our body & health condition in order to house the baby anytime we get pregnant!

It is great to start your day with #smoothiebowls as with a few more additions of the ingredients and toppings, you can already turn it into a more of a complete meal. Count me in! There are a lot of ingredients that is high in FA that you can use to prepare your body with high quality FA. So here’s a list of a complete 7 day #smoothiebowls recipes that I’ve come out for you! You can either follow this first and get creative later, or get creative straight away, be my guest!

Some tips for a great #smoothiebowl:

  1. Make it thick – you don’t want your smoothie bowl to be runny because anyway, it is in a bowl meant for a scoopful each into your mouth not for drinking. So, you’d want to blend it with at least 60% fruit base + 40% liquid such as whole milk, almond milk for vegans or yoghurt (I usually use Greek yoghurt for its higher protein content than normal yoghurts, but when it gets too thick to blend, I’ll pour in some whole milk or alkaline water).
  2. Make it creamy – who doesn’t like it creamy heaven? Up the creaminess by blending half an avocado or frozen ripe bananas (which peel have black specks on them, then they are perfect for freezing!). When you blend in frozen fruits such as bananas and any berries, you’ll have your smoothie to be slightly cold, ah refreshing!
  3. Freeze the fruits – yeap, you read me. This can prolong the shelf life of your fruits and have everything ready for a smooth #smoothiebowl preps every morning which means you need not spend time to cut the fruits over and over again. But, make sure you cut them into small chunks for easy blend. As we don’t want our blenders to scream so much and wear its energy out when we could help by cutting the fruits smaller in the first place.
  4. Add in the greens – for your source of fibre; adding spinach, kale or frozen cucumbers is good. This helps you stay satiated and energised throughout the day. If you’re not a vege eater, do this anyway because with the burst of fruit flavours, you wont even notice there’s a vege inside it. Ah, bonus point!
  5. Spice & secret ingredients – if you are a fan of spices, go on & add in ground cinnamon into your #smoothiebowl. Its amazing to keep your mouth fresh with its anti-fungal properties. Sometimes, I just suck on the stems to make my breath fresh again – talking about taking foods at its #mostnaturalform 😉 also add in fresh minced mint or ginger for that extra kick to boost your digestive system in the morning and get up & going throughout the day!
  6. Toppings – get creative by mixing different textures of fruits, nuts and seeds! Some great oils too please, like coconut oil. This is a great time for you incorporate it inside your meal as you don’t have to squirt it raw in your mouth anymore!
  7. Unsweetened anything! – if you plan to put in chocolate chips or chunks, make sure its the unsweetened ones. We don’t want to add anymore unnecessary sugary sweetness from these sources as the fruits already contain enough sweetness. Too much sweetness can result in our insulin levels to become high which when the storage for glucose in the liver is full, it will store the excess glucose at body fat deposits (anywhere in the body where body fats can be stored!). I’m sure you don’t want that. Na ah.

Now, here are some of my fav #smoothiebowls recipes!

  1. Strawberry + Banana (the picture up there!)

Blend 1/2 cup frozen bananas + 1/2 cup frozen strawberries (you can also use fresh ones) + 1/2 cup Greek yoghurt + 1/4 cup whole milk. Top with fruits, nuts and seeds of your choice. I poured honey, coconut oil & ground some pink Himalayan salt too!

2. Creamy Avocado

my fav!

I love this one so much! Avocado smoothie bowl is always a bliss for me! For it to be really creamy, you’ll need to blend 1 1/2 avocados + 1/2 cup of Greek yoghurt + 1/4 cup whole milk. Top with something citrus-sy to balance the creaminess. Strawberry & pineapples can do. But, avoid pineapples if you’ve just conceived. Then + hazelnuts & unsweetened dark chocolate chunks!

3. Absolute Banana

smiley banana

When you run out of your fresh/frozen fruit supplies, just blend in one ingredient haha! Blend 1 cup frozen bananas + 1/2 cup Greek yoghurt + 1/4 cup whole milk. Top with any fruits, seeds and nuts you have for the day :*

4. Sweet Potato

peace yogurt

Blend 1 baked sweet potato + 1/2 cup Greek yoghurt + 1/4 cup whole milk. And top with something citrus-sy like strawberries and other fruits of your choice.

5. Plain Yoghurt Based


This time around I didn’t blend anything to make the base. I just poured in Greek yoghurt onto the bowl and topped with fruits of my choice. Sweetened it a bit by adding honey and don’t forget to sprinkle your #superfood virgin coconut oil.

6. Avocado + Banana

whittakers dark choc

Blend 1/2 avocado + 1 cup frozen bananas + 1/4 cup whole milk. Voila! And top with strawberries, pistachios & dark chocolate chunks!

7. Banana + Dates

apple besar2

Blend 1 cup frozen bananas + 1/2 cup soft dates + 1/2 cup greek yoghurt + 1/4 whole milk. Top with apples, blueberries & oranges. Be mindful not to put too much dates to avoid somewhat a bitter taste I tasted with this one.

Happy Smoothie Bowling for the folic acid doses you need to prepare your body for pregnancy! And, keep the prayers strong too! All the best preggy mommies to be!

PS: My favourite smoothie bowler is this girl right heyya. Only that I don’t usually use those powders. I’d just get some inspirations and make them bowls with the most natural forms of ingredients I have.

Stay awesome!

Mus ❤


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