The Importance of Staying Fit Throughout Pregnancy


On the 30th April 2017, we gave birth to a charming baby boy who we named Rumi Dhulqarnayn (pronounced as Zulkarnain) after almost 3 years of being married to each other #grateful.

While some newlyweds would want a child straight away, we meant to enjoy each other first before adding a new family member and God granted us two years in each other’s company.

Wether you’d want a child straight away or later on, know that getting physically fit is very important to house the child for months ahead and really, its mostly for you too – to carry yourself happily, healthily & confidently while growing a human being in your womb.

Carrying a child, making them in the bed (or wherever haha!), delivering them and caring for them all needs stamina. Most importantly, when you are fit, your body will take a shorter time to heal. Or at least, you won’t feel so helpless during recovery period (pantang) to get yourself up to walk, pee, poo, eat and tend to your baby. Which in all tiredness and soreness after giving birth, you will still feel #empowered physically and mentally as a result from the fitness regimes that you commit to everyday. & It is very important to stay strong after delivery because you would need all the positivity to recover yourself and care for your little one. 

How being physically fit helps you throughout pregnancy? 

1. Gives you the physical strength to carry yourself and your growing baby well. You’d also need this during contraction, labour and during  recovery period to help yourself up and about. 

2. Gives you the mental strength (which you earned when you put your mind together to finish your fitness regimes even though you have an option to skip it) to convince and make yourself believe time and again that you can do it!

3. Gives you the spiritual calmness (if you practice yoga & meditation) which gives you a sense of faith and positivity that you’d need to undergo pregnancy and give birth without or with less anxiety. 

4. Gives you the confidence when your mental, physical & spiritual aspects are balanced/in good terms. 

5. Boost your happy hormones when you stretch out any muscle soreness, sweat out any negativity and all the things that no longer serve you to give space to what does. 

6. Make you look good and stay in shape – need I say more? XD

7. Ease your after-birth recovery. Yes, if like me you practice yoga & meditation throughout pregnancy – you will find your mind, body and soul are synergising in balance. Though yes, you might feel somewhat mentally traumatised, physically exhausted and spiritually weak right after birthing, but know that you can feel better as soon when you remind yourself about the fitness regime that you’ve successfully committed to for months which has strengthened your mind, body and soul power. 

8. Ease your way to getting back to your ideal weight and shape. Yeap, a fitness regime is usually connected to nutritions/a good diet. Because nutrition makes 80% of your fitness goal, the better your diet is, the better the condition of your body is, the easier for you to come back to your ideal weight. 

9. Able to resist temptations – when you are mentally strong, you find yourself strong in resisting temptation of eating unhealthy foods or odd doings like munching on ice and smelling petrol which especially the latter is so not good for your and baby’s health.

Know that all of these are important for the growth of a happy baby and a happy journey for you as the mother. You’d need all the positivity throughout pregnancy – staying fit by committing to a fitness regime  will help you in this (I suggest yoga! But by all means commit to a fitness regime that suits you, that makes you come back to it everyday). 

And remember, its not only you that has to be in shape and fit, your partner must too. If s/he doesn’t think that s/he has a role to play in conceiving or carrying the baby, remind them that the effort comes from both parties. Trying to conceive a baby is #teamwork. Caring for the mother and child after birth is all physically, mentally and spiritually challenging too.  So, be sure to have your partner in the same wagon! 

What I like about getting into a fitness regime together is that; it bonds you both better, you learn and discover new things which will spice up your romantic life when you share an interest and do it together. You even get to explore each other’s bodies, witness and comment on mental, physical  & spiritual changes and have fun while developing and elevating yourselves, together as a couple. 

Before I end the write-up, I’d like to emphasise that growing a human being is a demanding job. So for working mothers, if you can take a few weeks off before you give birth to just really focus on your growing baby, learn about the baby and about becoming a mother especially if it is your first time, do it. Spend the time on yourself and connecting to your growing baby. 

I promise you, you’d love it and you’d thank yourself for taking that time off to learn about the baby and  prepare yourself for the new journey you are about to embark. 




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