The Fitness Routines That You Can Commit To Pre & During Pregnancy


In my recent post, I wrote about the importance of staying fit throughout pregnancy. Now, I’d like to share what kind of fitness regime that I did to stay fit.

I did (and still do) a lot of yoga. Among all fitness regimes, I love yoga the most because it fits my soul and what I search for in a fitness regime (or maybe because I haven’t gone all lengths to explore all fitness regimes that there are in this world! Perhaps, I might like acrobatics the most hahaha). It is relaxing, soothing and it enhances my body flexibility. Although I think I might do more pilates now after birthing for the core concentrated routines (to tighten my stomach and strengthen my womb again). Still, I would finish my fitness regime with yoga – to soothe those aching muscles after a workout and meditation – to quiet down my mind, to accept and let go of things that serve and don’t serve me anymore.

My yoga and meditation routine usually starts at 8am and finishes at 9am every morning. Although both yoga and meditation practices usually take me about 40 minutes only, I take another 20 mins allowance either to lengthen my meditation practice or to add a targeted exercise. For example, an exercise to get the splits. Before and after my fitness routine, I would eat one or two bananas (and sometimes some dates too) for muscle repair and energy. And right after my fitness routine, I would take a shower, make myself some breakfast and report to my working desk by 10am. Sometimes I take more than an hour to finish my fitness routine but mostly, I try to finish it within 1 hour. If you have a 9-5 job, you can try committing to this routine from 6-7am.

If you’ve done some yoga before, you can already start following the routines that I have curated here. But if you prefer starting out with a beginner’s yoga and progress from there, you can follow the sequence I prepare for you below.

My routine:


  1. Morning Yoga Workout – Better Than The Gym, 17 mins.
  2. How To Get The Splits – Yoga For Full Splits, 14 mins.
  3. Meditation For Beginners – Learn To Meditate, 12 mins.


  1. Stress Relief Yoga & Calming Flow To Clear Your Mind, 13 mins.
  2. Yoga For Leg Flexibility – Get Your Full Splits, 12 mins.
  3. Guided Meditation for Being Present, 12 mins.


  1. Release Tight Hips & Increase Leg Flexibility – Yoga For Splits, 22 mins.
  2. Guided Meditation For Gratitude, 12 mins.


  1. Yin Yoga – Release Stress & Feel Amazing, 30 mins.
  2. Guided Meditation For Peace & Contentment, 12 mins.


  1. Yoga For Mindfulness – Silence Your Chattering Thoughts, 26 mins.
  2. Guided Meditation For Self-Acceptance, 11 mins.


  1. Yin Yoga – For Slow Deep Muscle Release, 22 mins.
  2. Guided Meditation For Letting Go, 12 mins.


  1. Yoga To Cure, Revitalise & Energise Your Body, 17 mins.
  2. Hip Opening Yoga – The Hipster Release, 12 mins.
  3. Guided Meditation To End Your Day, 14 mins.

Notice that if one exercise lasts less than 20 minutes, I will add a focused exercise to follow with. And as you’ve noticed, most of my focused exercise is targeted on getting the splits, yeah! This is because I challenged myself to get the splits first before I hold my first ever yoga and meditation classes. If you feel like you wanna focus on upper-body or hand strength, you should inculcate either one of these exercises (below) everyday after the main yoga exercise. Also notice that on Thursdays and Saturdays – my resting days, I do Yin Yoga which is a type of yoga that lets you hold a pose more than 2 minutes to slowly release any tensions you feel.

  1. Best Arm Tone, 5 mins.
  2. The Perfect Upper-Body Workout – Arm Flab Toning, 10 mins.

And I always, always end my yoga routine with meditation because it helps me to calm my mind and my fast beating heart. Meditation after a yoga practice helps me to accept where my yoga progress is and in turn, accepting where I am in life. Try it ❤️

Now, if you are a beginner in yoga practice, try any of these videos that I’ve listed for you. Whether you are a human grower or not, the practice of yoga is really good for you to grasp mindfulness in your life which in turn will help you to make better decisions in life. If you are a human grower – I suggest you to practice yoga and meditation because it will help you to combat anxiety throughout pregnancy and stay fit to carry the growing baby. But of course, if yoga is new to you preggy moms, progress gradually and listen to your body while practicing it. When it says stop, do so and rest.

Beginner’s Yoga which can be practiced daily throughout your first trimester (also relevant for non-preggies): 😘

  1. Easy Yoga For Beginners – Full Body Gentle Flow, 20 mins.
  2. Beginner Yoga – Easy Morning Yoga For A Positive Mind, 10 mins.
  3. Best Yoga For All Levels – Easy Peaceful Flow, 21 mins.
  4. Best Yoga For Anxiety – Perfect Body & Mind Cleanse, 21 mins.
  5. Perfect Yoga For Everyone ♥ 20 Minute Relaxing Flow, 23 mins.

Towards the second trimester, I started to do more of beginner’s yoga as not to exert myself that much. And, towards my third trimester I started to do pre-natal yoga. And my favourite is this one;

Pre-Natal Yoga Routine, 29 mins.

Followed by;

Labour Oriented Endurance Exercise – Keep ups, 9 mins.

And specifically prenatal pregnancy meditation (either one but I love the first one);

Prenatal Yoga – Har Har Meditation; 6 mins.

Prenatal Yoga – Ajapa Japa Meditation; 5 mins.

Towards my 30 weeks, I’ve started to feel painful on the pelvic area if I do normal yoga even that prenatal yoga. So, during those days I did Kundalini yoga which focused on the awakening of the spinal energy (having less movements and I didn’t chant).

Kundalini Yoga; 36 mins.

So, that’s it! I hope you enjoy your pregnancy yoga journey and notice how good it makes your mind, body & soul feel.




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