Instagram Break

I’m on an Instagram break for my own profile while I grow my @thefiragroup ig and slowly building my #peacefulpreggers @peacefulpreggers community of strong women and parents inshaAllah.

As with everything, a break is really needed in the quest to come back wiser. Recently I can’t help but analysed and found my mind always thinking about the future, planning things that are still far away, thinking about recent past and speaking to myself a better dialogue which I should have said to an individual which would make them feel better or have a better impression about me. I mean, come on. What the feck? Why should I? I mean yes, analyse and seek out for things that could be better. After that, enough. Let it go. Leave it to Allah and pray that the next time I encounter another similar or a new situation, He will remind me of what to do. Phewh. Okay, that feels so much lighter now that I have relieved it to God. Thank you ya Allah for being here. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you, ever.

Besides, I don’t even have much to update on my ig for now that I am more occupied running a business, teaching classes, collaborating with Olloum for maternity wear (and something really exciting coming soon!) and writing the e-book. What more when I really need to set priorities and organise my life. Rumi is 1 year plus now, he’s really more independent now which gives me more space, time and energy to work alhamdulillah. Cheers to women raising a nation while raising a business.

So yes, excuse my absence – busy building an empire and growing myself.

Other than that, hubs and I hope to travel to China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Pakistan, Kazakhstan – basically the countries where businesses have their production of products at to check out opportunities that we can use for the benefits of our business inshaAllah.

5 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be writing about our own proper business. But then I guess, it’s time.

Toodles now, gonna do yoga alongside my hubs at 7am!

Xo, Mus


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