Appreciation Post to My Dear Yogis

This is gonna be a long post.

My first class went back to 16th September 2017. I started teaching because my sister Nusaybah requested me to. She told me, “Adik, just start teaching already. This Saturday, my friend and I will come”. I was taken aback, asking myself if I was ready to teach? But sahut the cabaran anyway and said “Ok!” I spread the word to my family & friends, 6 people turned out. We held the class at Dewan Kampung Melayu Tambahan. Alhamdulillah.

Screenshot 2019-06-18 23.09.51
Flowerful Yoga Indoor, 16th September 2017.

The 2nd week, more people turned out including my mom, my sister Sumayyah, my friend from Newcastle Dona, my old tuition mates, Nadira & Zahira, Sarah also stayed on ❤

Screenshot 2019-06-18 23.12.49
Standing from left: Dona, Maizurah, Sarah, Damia, Bella, Amira, Aini, Sebah, Mak. Sitting from left: Zahira, Nadira, Yours Truly, Maya & Adik Umu.

On the third week of teaching, my bestie Elli joined. My junior from Newcastle Uni, Alyaa also joined. Together with Farah, Haz (who is also a regular until she has to move further away after marriage), Sebah & Mak. Thank you ❤

Screenshot 2019-06-18 23.22.15

After the third class I stopped for a while to learn more yoga myself. I joined MURFEST and went to #freeyogafit sessions at KLCC on Saturdays. In November 2017 I was booked for a private class for the first time by my junior named Bainun. I travelled to her place in Mont Kiara and we held our first and last class beside the pool. This was also the time I collaborated with a Venezuelan yogi who lived in Amsterdam and was travelling with his boyfriend to Malaysia. She’s called Romina Merkurr. We found each other on Instagram and instantly clicked. She was volunteering at Langkawi that time and I told her if she’s coming to KL, she can stay with us and we could do a yoga challenge together. So she and boyfriend came, we hosted her at our parents’ home and we hosted a yoga challenge together. That was my first ever yoga challenge and it was called #SoulBalanceYogis. We photoshoot at KL Pac and Taman Tasik Titiwangsa which weeks later, left Rumi sick and hospitalised for 14 days. He was about 8 months then. But maybe our schedule was too hectic for him, he got unwell. It was a very emotional time for us. Because you know when fragile babies got sick, it is just so heart-breaking. It was nobody’s fault but mine for not being sensitive enough with Rumi’s condition (first-time mom) and so, later on Romi and I parted ways. We are not quite friends anymore now. Basically because I kept on coming back to that heart-breaking memory when I interact with her. So we both let each other go. She doesn’t know this. But now that I’m revealing it out, I hope this does justice to her (if she reads this <3). So I stopped teaching at the hall altogether to make way for Rumi to heal the whole December 2018 and just focused on him.

Screenshot 2019-06-18 23.33.06

In January 2018 my dad started to join me to do yoga to heal his hernia condition. We held the session at a living room upstairs (which is now the space where I hold all my classes at – Fira Active Yoga Studio).

Screenshot 2019-06-18 23.46.07
With one of my life’s biggest motivation, my dad. I may have gotten courageousness and determination from my mom. Thanks Mak, I love you 😘 Adventurousness and a heart of a nomad (traveller) from my dad. We used to share dreams and did a lot of activities together. But there was a point in life where things changed – I developed a mind of my own that don’t click with his anymore, I got married and bore a child, I have my own priorities that the projects we once talked and planned about executing together had to come later. We both took sometime to adjust to this new situation and alhamdulillah we are finally here doing the things that we found common beliefs and interests in one more time and I am more than over the moon #grateful. (My dad was the one who introduced yoga to me and suggested that I did yoga for my wellbeing when I was 17/18 yo). To more yoga and to this friendship that we are building and nurturing one more time. You are my best friend, Abah. And I love you. (My IG caption then).

After a few practices together, his hernia condition didn’t subside. So he went for a minor operation and since then on, didn’t do yoga with me anymore. Sobsob. He also had other commitments, he also maybe saw that I started becoming more occupied with classes and so didn’t want to get in the way. Thanks Abah. But know that I miss our session always ❤ I also managed to get him to help me competing for the Shape Malaysia magazine covergirl competition. By doing yoga poses together and sharing my aspiration on why I should become Shape Malaysia Magazine’s covergirl for June 2018. I wasn’t shortlisted. But I supposed because of it, I was interviewed by Shape Magazine for a Movers & Shapers column. Alhamdulillah.

Screenshot 2019-06-18 23.49.48

I was then approached by Kak Ida to teach yoga to a group of ladies at her condo in Jelatek. My first ever group class, thank you ladies. I think we started on the third week of January 2018 and I continued to teach more private classes with Balkis, Yasmin, Kak Nadia, Kak Sarah, Tika, Kak Mimi, Iza, Kak Safiyah, Auntie Siti & Nat.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.02.50
Nadia, Kak Ida, Me, Cakyu, Kak Umi & Hani (&Firda not in pic)

Then my college bestie asked me if I could teach her and her sisters yoga. That I hold one session for them. I said yes! Initially wanted to use the hall again but then, it came to me that I could turn the living room that I used to hold classes with my dad into a home-based yoga studio. So it happened and these girls became the first of my friends to officiate this space.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.02.33
Kilah, Alia and Aena with Rumi & I.

Then only it occurred to me that I could start holding my Saturday open yoga classes again at this space. And it started in March 2018.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.27.41.png
First public class at Fira Active Yoga Studio, full house. 8 of them yogis.

The public class continued to evolve. More friends joining. More strangers who become friends joining too. From one session only on Saturday 8-9am, becomes two sessions on Sunday 8-9am too. To create more awareness on yoga for Muslim ladies, I started a session at Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir in November 2018. Sessions were held from 7-8.30am. Saturday 8-9am class is pushed to 9-10am. 3 open sessions every weekend. MashaAllah.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.39.31

More and more people joining and after that I experimented with whole programs like #RamadanDetoxwithMus. I think it went well alhamdulillah and so I started with #EnergyHealingwithMus program before I rest to make way for labour in September inshaAllah. This resulted in me holding 4 classes each weekend now.

Looking back to these memories, I am very grateful to have met all these wonderful people who stayed long enough for us to become a little bit closer.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.50.32Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.51.12Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.51.35Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.52.16Screenshot 2019-06-19 00.52.55

Screenshot 2019-06-19 01.17.30

Screenshot 2019-06-19 01.27.51Screenshot 2019-06-19 01.28.29

Thank you for your trust in my work. For your generosity. I received a lot of gifts being a teacher. Like fridge magnets from your travels, chocolate, Korean masks and socks to wear during pantang, I was welcomed to their home and enjoyed nice food spread with duit raya for Rumi, I received cookies and cookies from my baker yogi, free coffee from my entrepreneur yogi, yoga mat from my bestie yogi, one also borrowed me her Manduka mat for me to try on for a week, another gifted me natural deodorant cream two times already, I received bath gels and a sweetly written card on teacher’s day by the sweetest gals. I received quran and kain ela from Indonesia too. Most of all, I knew Ireceive respect & love from all of you I could feel that. Alhamdulillah. One yogi also became my business partner. If only I can balas your jasa one by one… Semoga Allah membalas segala jasa baikmu yogis. Thank you for letting me into your life and for being so kind to me. I hope you all stay long and that we become really good friends. InshaAllah gradually I want to reward more of you with anything that I can offer and I will ❤

I may have missed certain things, photos and names. Forgive me. But know that I appreciate each and one of you ❤ Thank you.





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